If your application is refused, you will be told whether you have a right of appeal. In cases where there is no right of appeal, there is normally an alternative recourse referred to as ‘administrative review’ depending on the type of your application.  

If you lodge an appeal, it will first be dealt with by the First-tier Tribunal in the UK. If the decision to refuse your application is upheld by the First-tier Tribunal, it may be possible to appeal against this decision to the Upper Tribunal (application for permission to appeal) but only on the basis that there has been an error of law. 

We can advise you on the merits of challenging a refusal decision by way of appeal or making a fresh application with all your supporting documents addressing the issues raised in the previous refusal.  

We have expertise in all of these types of challenges and will advise you on your prospects of success through to preparing and representing you in your appeal or application for review 

The rules in relation to appeals can be complex and it vital to ensure that you obtain professional advice urgently if you receive a refusal in order to protect your appeal rights. 

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