Successful HPI Visa

An Easier Visa for High Potential Individuals
January 10, 2024

As an Immigration Law firm, we understand that the High Potential Individual visa is a lucrative and sought after immigration route for those individuals seeking to work in the UK without the need to have a prior job offer to qualify and if successful will be permitted to work in the UK without the need of a sponsor.

Our client a skilled professional sought our expertise advice to help him relocate to the UK with his family. The plans were put in place to guide him through our tailored advice in order for him to successfully enter the UK with his family for a period of two years under the HPI visa. Once in the UK the plans will be to look for work and before the visa expires to switch his and his family members in country to the Skilled Worker visa route.

We advised our client on the specific documentation and evidence required for him and his family members. Our client’s HPI visa including his family members was successful and they were granted leave to remain in the UK allowing them all the possibilities to look for work or work without the need of a sponsor and thus contribute to the UK economy.

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