Spousal Visa & Vignette Transfer

EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit
August 4, 2023

Muldoon Britton have successfully obtained a Spousal Visa for a US client. Our client who was of Iranian descent and was married to a British husband. Both were residing in the USA for a number of years.  They wished to settle in the UK. Muldoon Britton successfully managed to obtain a spousal visa which allowed our client to travel to the UK and settle here.

When a visa is accepted the client is issued a Vignette sticker in their passport.  This allows them to travel to the UK within a specific time period. However, difficulty arose when our client’s baby had not received her first passport. Therefore, our client was unable to travel within the specified time. We then applied for a transfer of the vignette sticker.

After sending her application to the relevant Immigration centre, Muldoon Britton secured an extended vignette sticker which has allowed our client to travel at a later date with her baby.

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