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December 5, 2023

Yesterday, the UK’s current Home Secretary commenced a discussion in the House of Commons with, “Migration to this country is far too high, and needs to come down”. His proposed “five-point plan” includes the following changes to the Immigration Rules:

  • Health and Care Worker Visa applicants will no longer be allowed to bring dependants to the UK, and care firms will need to be regulated by the Care Quality Commission in order to sponsor foreign migrants to come to the UK under this route. As previously announced, the immigration health surcharge is being increased by 66% to raise £1.3 billion for the National Health Service in the UK.
  • The minimum income threshold for Skilled Worker migrants is being increased by one-third to £38,700.00 per annum, in line with the median full-time wage. This increase will not apply to those seeking to apply for a Health and Care Worker visa.
  • The 20% salary cut for persons applying under the Skilled Worker route in a shortage occupation is being abolished, and the shortage occupation list is being revised.
  • The minimum income threshold for family routes is also being increased to £38,700.00 in line with changes to the Skilled Worker route, to ensure that dependants applying to come to the UK as the family member of a British Citizen, settled person, or person with pre-settled status, can be adequately supported in the UK. This is the first time that the minimum income threshold for family visas has been increased since 2012.
  • The Graduate route for international students in the UK is also being reviewed to “to prevent abuse and protect the integrity and quality of UK higher education”.

The changes are expected to be implemented in Spring-2024, and further updates will be published in due course.

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