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September 7, 2023

Applying for a visa can be a daunting task. Usually a lot of information can be fund online however, this sometimes is not helpful as there is clear guidance on how to apply. Below are 5 tips to help ensure your visa application is successful;

  1. Undertake an assessment to ensure you are applying for the correct and most suitable visa. A lot of clients come to us and state they wish to apply for a certain type of visa, however when we undertake an assessment we often find that their initial thoughts on the most suitable visa is in fact incorrect. We recommend thorough research into eligibility, financial requirement, future needs and any other relevant factors which deciding on the most suitable visa.
  2. Ensure all necessary documents are in your possession in advance of completing the visa application. Our experience tells us that clients sometimes do not have the necessary documents in their possession at the time when the application is ready to be submitted. This can cause major delays as it can sometimes take longer than expected to obtain certain documents such a birth certificates, payslips etc.
  3. Be aware of timescales and ensure these coincide with your intended date of travel. There are some restrictions regarding the timing of application for certain visas; for example, an individual can only apply for a UK holiday visa within 3 months of their date of travel. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the time in which you have to travel after the date you receive your visa, by way of an example after a UK Spousal Visa is issued, the biometric residence permit must be collected within 28 days of the date of issuance. Therefore, we advise all clients to be ready to travel as soon as they receive their visa.
  4. The financial requirement is another obstacle/hurdle that clients sometimes face. In our experience clients face difficulty in proving their financial status. We recommend that all bank statements, proof of savings/investments and pensions are available at the earliest opportunity in order to identity any missing information.
  5. Patience! We like to set realistic time scales to ensure clients are not disappointed.

However, applying for a visa can be frustrating at times so we always advise that patience is key.

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