Applying on behalf of others

September 20, 2023

How to authorise somebody to apply on your behalf

You can either apply for your ETIAS travel authorisation yourself, or you can nominate a third party – another person or a commercial intermediary – to do so on your behalf.

The third party will submit your application through the official ETIAS website or the mobile app.

Both you and the third party will need to sign a declaration of representation. It authorises the third party to compile and submit an ETIAS travel authorisation application

on your behalf, on behalf of a minor over whom you exercise parental authority, on behalf of a person over whom you exercise legal guardianship.

Make sure you keep a copy of the signed document in your files – it constitutes the proof that you have authorised somebody else to submit your application and that you have entrusted them with your personal data.

The third party should also keep a copy of the signed declaration of representation for the same reason.

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