UK Sole Representative Visa Application

Muldoon Britton were recently successful in obtaining a UK Sole Representative Visa application for a director of a reputable US based educational institute.

The educational institute is currently operating in 47 out of 50 states and due to their success in the US, the institute now wishes to focus in expanding their services in the UK and across Europe.

As part of the Sole Representative visa application process, the educational institute were required to confirm in writing that that the director in question, would have the full authority to make operational decisions on behalf of the institute without reference to the parent company.

Due to the short time constraints which were outlined by the institute from the outset, our immigration team submitted the online application and the supporting documents to UKVI within a week of receiving the requested supporting documents.

Muldoon Britton are honoured to have assisted with the process in the institute expanding its services in the UK and within Europe.

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