UK Unmarried Partner Visa

The Immigration Rules and the EEA Regulations recognise and acknowledge the status of an unmarried partner. This means that an unmarried partner has the same rights as a spouses of EEA nationals or settled partners or partners with limited leave to remain.
In order to qualify as an unmarried partner, the Immigration Rules state that an unmarried partner is defined as;
“Two persons living together in a relationship akin to marriage for at least two years”.
You must prove that you have been in a relationship for two years, that the relationship is not a casual or unstable. You must also prove that you have a long term intention to live together. Effectively the relationship must be similar to a marriage i.e. long term commitment.

How do you prove that you are in an unmarried relationship living together for at least two years?
If you instruct Muldoon Britton we will provide you with a complete list of documents and information which you must provide in order to apply. As a guide application should be aware that they must provide;

  • Bank Statements;
  • Household Bills
  • Evidence of joint expenses

Basically any information and documentation that can prove you are in a stable committed relationship. The intention of the rules relating to unmarried and same sex partners is to allow genuine long-term relationships to continue. It is not an open door to couples who are in the early stages of a cohabiting relationship but provides an opportunity for those couples who are already living together in a committed relationship akin to marriage or civil partnership to enter or remain in the UK on this basis.

Our Services

  • We can assess the merits of your application and advise on the procedure for making an unmarried partner application.
  • We can advise you on the best route and the best method for increasing your chances of a successful application.
  • We can advise as to the merits of an appeal should your entry clearance application be refused
  • We can prepare and represent you in any appeal