UK and Irish Divorce & Family Law

Our Commercial Litigation attorneys in our New York office can assist you if you are considering divorce proceedings in the UK or Ireland. London’s High Court has become the centre of divorces involving large sums of money and assets or where the divorcing couple live a cross-border life style.

London’s High Court has the benefit being flexible when considering how marriage assets are to be distributed in a divorce. Billionaires have sought to avoid London, whilst their wives have sought to bring proceedings in London because of this flexibility.

In addition to divorce, there are legal issues relating to assets of a marriage, such as properties, business interests, business holdings, shareholdings and cash deposits. London is a very attractive place to invest in property. As such, Muldoon Britton takes instructions in regards to family matters and divorce even where the usual place of abode is elsewhere.

If you wish to consider your options in regards to bringing or defending a divorce in the UK, or you wish to consider how best to protect your interests in the UK in the event of a divorce, please contact our New York office. Every attorney in our New York office is dual qualified in England & Wales and New York. Our New York offices can then work with our offices in London, New York and Dublin to offer you a first class service. Discretion is a priority.

If you need help with any of these aspects of divorce and family law please don’t hesitate to call us on 212 653 0677 or fill in our online enquiry form.