Document Verification

In the UK various Government agencies, banks and related businesses require documents to be certified by a lawyer.  In some instances you may be required to have documents certified by a lawyer that is authorised by the UK’s Solicitors’ Regulation Authority.  Muldoon Britton has offices in New York, London, Dublin and Manchester.  Two of the attorneys in the New York office are also regulated by the SRA in the UK, and so can certify documents for you to comply with the requirement of a UK regulated lawyer.

Document certification is simply verification by an attorney that a photocopy of a document is a true copy of the original.  That allows for very important documents to be sent as a copy, thus not putting the original at risk of becoming lost in the postal system.  Documents can be very important for a variety of issues.  Muldoon Britton undertakes a lot of visa applications (see our immigration pages HERE).  Areas in addition to immigration include property acquisition, family law cases (divorce, child custody etc), transfer of property or business interests, copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers and various business certificates etc.

If you are in the US and would like a document certified by one of our New York attorneys, please telephone: +1 212 653 0677

If you are in the UK and want a solicitor to certify a document please telephone our Manchester office: +44(0)161 826 6922

If you are in Ireland and would like one of our solicitors to certify a document, please call our Dublin office: +353 1 659 9405