Accidents in the UK & Ireland

Our Commercial Litigation attorneys in our New York office can assist you if, whilst in the UK or Ireland, you had an accident.

It used to be the case that slips and trips would be settled quickly by insurance companies. Now, they fight cases because the number of personal injury claims has risen every year. With new laws brought in by the Government, personal injury claims are now more complicated than they were historically.

Muldoon Britton is a law firm that has offices in New York, London, Manchester and Ireland. We can offer you a legal service that benefits from many dual registered lawyers, with our London, Manchester and Dublin offices able to bring proceedings and/or negotiate settlements on your behalf, whilst you only need to deal with the New York office.

The advantages of working with us compared to a London or Dublin based law firm are:
• We work in your time zone.
• We can meet face to face in our New York offices or your premises.
• We can easily co-ordinate with our colleagues in London, Manchester and Dublin.
If you need help with any of these aspects personal injury, slips and trips in the UK please don’t hesitate to call us on 212 653 0677 or fill in our online enquiry form.