UK & Irish Real Estate

Our New York office can handle US & Irish Real Estate transactions.

Our real estate team comprises UK and Irish lawyers with extensive experience and provides a comprehensive service covering all aspects of real estate ownership and use including the acquisition and sale of property, property development, construction law and real estate financing.

We can also assist you in regards to property ownership where you are involved, or anticipate being involved, in divorce proceedings or related family disputes.  You may wish to consider your rights, duties and obligations regarding UK owned assets and property before divorce, or you may wish to take protective steps in preparation for an anticipated divorce or related family disputes.  Whatever the circumstances, contact our New York office to discuss your case.

The advantages of working with us compared to a London or Dublin based law firm are:

  • We work in your time zone.
  • We can meet face to face in our New York offices or your premises.

If you need help with US & Irish Real Estate transactions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 212 653 0677 or fill in our online enquiry form