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Success Stories

Appendix FM Breach

Appendix FM Breach Muldoon Britton recently assisted a client in obtaining a Settlement Visa -  despite the client not having complete control of their cash savings in the 6 months prior to the date the [...]

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UK Tourist Visa

Muldoon Britton have made a number of successful visa applications for US based clients. One client wanted to visit the UK on a tourism visa to visit her daughter. However, she was a bit cautious as she had been convicted of a criminal offence for driving under the influence of alcohol.

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Spousal Visa & Vignette Transfer

Muldoon Britton have successfully obtained a Spousal Visa for a US client. Our client who was of Iranian descent and was married to a British husband. Both were residing in the USA for a number of years. They wished to settle in the UK. Muldoon Britton successfully managed to obtain a spousal visa which allowed our client to travel to the UK and settle here.

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Visit Visa- Business

Our client had previouslytravelled to the UK without a visa a number of times. However, to avoid any issues as to his constant visits Muldoon Britton advised that it would be suitable to obtain a business visa. Muldoon Britton makes this process easy by providing a questionnaire.

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